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Installing .NET 3.5 in Windows 2012 Server

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Okay before anyone gets too excited here, there are actually a few things that Windows is still needed for. Let's see if I can think of more than four...

1.) The Adobe suite - if you use things like Dreamweaver and such. Yes, you could use WINE and the 32 bit versions of the Adobe stuff, but the last time I looked, there were two apps that were only 64 bit, and therefore wouldn't be installed, and in my opinion, for something like that, you really do want a native environment. Buy a Mac you say? Good point! 

2.) We don't use QuickBooks, we use and support Front Accounting, but if you're one of those folks that wants that, then wYNd0z3 is for you. I'll put TurboTax in the same category with Quickbooks here.

3.) vSphere client. 

That's really all I can think of. Anything else that has been proposed over the last couple of years has a superior counterpart for UNIX, or has already been ported to UNIX. Like the Adobe stuff, albeit only for the Apple variant of the FreeBSD flavor of UNIX. 

I suppose, just to be nice, I should list vCenter Server too, so I will, but that's not completely accurate either, because we have a really kewl appliance now that runs under SLES, and that's what we prefer to use.

4.) vCenter

If you can think of a couple more lemme know and I'll update this, but until then, I can't even think of 5, let alone more than that. Just for arguments sake, however, I'll list my favorite wYNd0z3 based editor, rounding things out to an even (er, odd, rather) number.

5.) PsPad

If you're actually going to run a Windows OS, there are quite a few things that I recommend, and use, just to make sure that I have full functionality under that OS. Yes, CygWin is one, but that doesn't count here. I'll list a couple before getting to the nitty gritty of this article:

PuTTY (A must); WinSCP (kinda for lamers, but it comes in handy); WinRAR - don't forget that you're going to be working with tar.gz files, right?; Dexpot - The  vey best pager of all time for Windows, gotta have those virtual desktops; Firefox w/a few choice plugins and extensions, and Chrome too (Frinds don't let frinds use Internet Exploder); You're going to need whatever they're calling Acrobat Reader nowadays, Flash, and for good measure let's make sure we install doPDF as a printing device. That should get you off the ground.

Now we need to install vSphere Client, but you get an error saying that you have to install .NET 3.5, right? And then try as you might, you fail, right? I have a fix for you :)

This is a one liner, and after all the surfing and passing out at your keyboard following the googling and technet and Microsoft Knowledgebase surfing you've done, something that is sure to make you really appreciate what that command line can do.

First, pop in your Windows 2012 DVD. Next we need to either open powershell or cmd.exe - make sure to run as an administrator, or else be logged in as Administrator, okay? Now type this line on the cli:

PS C:\users\Administrator> dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /Source:d:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

You'll need to wait for a bit, nothing happens fast in Windows (except for the occasional BSOD), but once it's done, launch the installer for your vSphere client and you won't have anymore frustrating obstacles to overcome.

I hope that helps!