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Windows 8 - Lolwut?

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After several years in the IT industry I went back to college full time. One of my roomies at the university had a nice, shiney Mac SE+. Maybe it was a Mac SE 30. I really can't remember that part. What I can remember is that I had a hard time figuring how to do the simplest things, like making copies of disks. Other than that, and the teeny black and white monitor, the Mac seemed easy enough to master in a few minutes without a manual for most things.

Now, 25 or so later we have a new look for Microsoft Windows, and as if it wasn't hard enough before when new folks came along and wanted to get in on this computing thing, I'm hearing a lot of seasoned users talk about the wisdom of Microsoft in launching Windows 8, with the resounding conclusion being pretty much what is summed up in the following video.

nuff said ;)


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