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Online Shopping - is the People's Alternative for that Ma and Pa Feel.

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Have  you been looking for a shopping experience like eBay, but would rather take your business where the little people are just as prominently placed as anyone else? is just that kind of place. When you enter the universe of eBay, you're inundated by a plethora of large commercial ventures with the resources and wherewithall to overshadow the regular folks trying to list and offer their products. Not only that, but many people don't feel comfortable with eBay, having to spend an unacceptable amount of time to configure their profile to become a seller - or even just a buyer.

AlsoShop is owned and operated by Lynette Jester, better known as Mojavelin to friends and colleagues, her no nonsense approach to fair and equitable administration, and her experience with the successful operation and sale of her previous charge, Plunderhere, has enabled her to develop an understanding of just what it is that peopple want - simplicity.

Mo's focus on the operation of a site where sellers can post auction style or fixed priced listings for free (as opposed to the so-called "insertion fees" imposed by eBay) has been a popular decision. Not just because it makes it easier to list one's wares, but also because someone can list items that don't sell quickly, which is problematic for slow moving or specialty items that may sit for a few weeks before the right buyer comes along.

Payment methods? AlsoShop has many options, including PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), and GCO (Google Checkout). All of these methods are simple to set up, and provide the buyers many alternatives to the one PayPal, that has also led to many folks not wanting to use eBay.

AlsoShop isn't as huge as eBay by a longshot, but it's been around a while and it is a mature marketplace with dedicated users who visit that venue first, and others second.

Give it a visit, and set up a free account while you're there. You'll find it a nice, familial, and refreshingly welcoming community where no frills transactions are the norm - not the exception. cool