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NorthTech's Featured Accounting Software Solution

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NorthTech's Featured Accounting and ERP Solution is FrontAccounting:

FrontAccounting ERP (FA) is a simple, yet powerful professional web-based Accounting system for the entire ERP chain written in PHP, using MySQL. FA is multilingual and multi-currency capable right out of the box, and is the choice for many of our clients.

NorthTech offers complete and securely Hosted FA solutions as well as installed instances onsite, within the the premises of your Enterprise.

FA can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a standard web browser, or secured within your corporate intranet permitting access only from your internal network or telecommuters through VPN tunnels

NorthTech's hosted FA solutions are ideal for independent bookkeepers and private accountancy firms due to FA's inherent ability to support multiple companies, making it simple for contracted professionals and firms to support several separate clients at once.

NorthTech offers complete support packages for our FrontAccounting ERP clients, including design, configuration, installation, support, disaster recovery, and maintenance services. We can even provide you with a complete accounting staff to manage your small and SOHO business.

Standard features included with every installed instance of FA include:


  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receivable Notes
  • Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes
  • Payments
  • Allocations
  • Accounts Payable
  • Items and Inventory
  • Stock
  • Manufacturing


Use the username: "demouser", and the password: "password"

FrontAccounting has an active development team and regular release cycle, is free, and released under the GNU General Public License.