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Our Hero (Again) - Big Blue

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When all the dust settles, this o­ne won't be any different than it was when USL sued Berkely over the old Bell Labs code base back in the early nineties...

The case was thrown out when it was discovered that AT&T had co-opted the portions of Bill Joy's Berkely UNIX code that contained UNIX's TCP/IP networking stack, or when Apple tried to sue Microsoft over the theft of their GUI - this time it was Xerox that stepped in and called a spade a spade, pointing out that it was Apple that co-opted the GUI from the PARC project which dated back to 1968.

During those two late-night pubescent swordfights, everyone was told to zip up their flies, go back to the sandbox and make nice. Accordingly, all of the friendly enemies did just that.

Sun Microsystems, perhaps seeing the writing in the sand relented their coveted OpenLook and embraced Motif in an effort to corral the various UNIX camps along a united front of grand isolationism- while Microsoft secretly plotted to overthrow IBM by pretending to have an alliance in partnering the development of their joint-effort operating system - OS/2.

I'm not drawing any similarities here between the forces of evil in WWII other than to say that when Germany stabbed Russia in the back and abrubtly ended their alliance by attacking them, they eventually paid for their sins at the hands of their former ally, among others. This metaphor I believe will prove to be true here in the computing world too, when IBM has it's revenge.

You see, Microsoft walked out o­n the OS/2 project, completely crippling Big Blue o­n the desktop. The term, "IBM-Compatible" all but disappeared from common yuppi culture, and from the ashes emerged two competing products - IBM's OS/2 and Microsoft's (Lan Manager) Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

This time, the stage for destruction is again set by a third party - No, not Great Brittain and the United States - it's the OSI itself that is coming to the rescue with this:, which pretty much says it all, and may pave the way for all the free world (and a historically zealously proprietary old giant of the informaion revolution) to fell the evil imperialists which have given us so much that we now take for granted.

Throughout all of this, Sun (quite secure and safe far away o­n their enterprise continent) continued to bite at Microsoft's desktop flanks, attempting to keep the Atlantic sea lanes open by commisioning convoys of Star Office into naval battle - escorting them along with their covetted Java armadas which have begun to blockade their enemy - having now been effectively injected completely into Microsoft's Windows now by a court order.

Go IBM! Fall guy and champion emeritus of the open source movement - even if we wouldn't have expected it from you.

But where is SCO's place in all of this? Perhaps we'll find out when they hang el Duce by his heels...