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Slackware 9.0 - Burning down the server room!

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Slackware 9.0, not quite a month in distribution, has taken the Server community by storm. This release promises to be (again) the finest yet, blowing away Redhat installations which still can't seem to shake the bugs...

Released o­n March 19th, this distribution is powered by the 2.4.20 kernel out of the box. Patrick Volkerding, creator and maintainer of Slackware for 10 years running, has a long history of frustrating his fan base just long enough to let them know each release was not o­nly well worth the wait, but well timed.

In an era where Linux distributions are seemingly announced each time someone elses distribution ups a minor version number or whenever a new KDE, Gnome, or Kernel is released, Volkerding has traditionally resisted the pressure to release new distributions before it would make a substantial difference in the community.

Although many distributions simply patch and go, the Slackware distros are carefully elbow checked in a sometimes almost endless release candidate cycle .

While most of the other major distros publish lenghty erratas and have even gained reputations as distributions that should be avoided until their 'x.2 relases, Slackware continues to be o­ne of the most secure, simplistic, and powerfull distributions right out of the box.

Sticking with the BSD style init roots, Slackware may be the o­nly Linux distro to compete toe to toe with it's security conscious BSD cousins.

It's certainly the choice of most serious sysadmins where a truly high availability Internet or Enterprise server is required.

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