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Something happened in my life this weeked...

Things change. Stuff happens. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for way kewl even better than that.

I'll just leave this little video dittty and share it for all of you to speculate on...

Yah, you just go ahead and keep on guessing. I don't kiss and tell wink

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How To Convert a GPT Disk Back to an MS DOS type MBR Label

Here's a real quick HowTo showing how to manage that pesky conversion when you want to convert a GPT disk to an MS DOS label.

I wrote this up real quick for my good friend arrozcaldo, and thought that I would just go ahead and share it with everyone else too cool

I'll leave this on the front page for a few days, and then move it to the blogs section, where you can find lots of other little tidbits of quick info for common tasks that I keep on hand for easy access in the form of an online cheatsheet... Read more »

HowTo: install Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) on Drupal...

I've offered up this cookbook style tutorial in a few places around the web, but haven't (until now) offered it here. Somewhere it really belongs.

Here's how you do it...

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Installing .NET 3.5 in Windows 2012 Server

Okay before anyone gets too excited here, there are actually a few things that Windows is still needed for. Let's see if I can think of more than four...

1.) The Adobe suite - if you use things like Dreamweaver and such. Yes, you could use WINE and the 32 bit versions of the Adobe stuff, but the last time I looked, there were two apps that were only 64 bit, and therefore wouldn't be installed, and in my opinion, for something like that, you really do want a native environment. Buy a Mac you say? Good point!  Read more »

How To Install The ionCube Loader On Slackware Linux (or for that matter, any other flavor of UNIX).

First, if you haven't yet enabled PHP support in Apache then uncomment the following line in /etc/httpd/httpd.conf:

#Include /etc/httpd/mod_php.conf

Now let's check the version of PHP so we know which of the ioncube loaders to use:

# php -v
PHP 5.4.13 (cli) (built: Mar 22 2013 03:38:02)
Copyright (c) 1997-2013 The PHP Group
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What Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence" *Might* have looked like if Ben Franklin had not heavily edited it...

Everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson is credited with authoring the Declaration of Independence. But what is not so widely known is that there are several versions of this document, some quite long, and some might say, rambling. You can find these versions if you look for them. They say basically the same thing, but some are a bit more loquacious and full of zeal than others. Actually, I'm being kind. Many passages in the early versions were almost rants of feverish ramblings. Read more »

DistroRank is a Fresh, Honest New Survey Seeking to Track Linux and BSD Popularity

After the fall of Microsoft, and the overwhelming adoption of Linux as a personal computing platform, a group calling themselves the American Laboratory Scientists has launched a project called DistroRank, which seeks to introduce a fresh, new, and purportedly honest methodology for ranking the 20 most popular Linux distributions and the four most prominent BSDs.

In a world where Android commands over 52% of the mobile market in smart phones, Apple controls less than 18% with their iPhone, and Samsung alone sells more Androids than Apple sells iPhones; the debut of the first new Microsoft UI for smartphones since those based on the familiar Windows 95 has enjoyed a respectable showing of sales, even though it doesn't appear to be doing much to affect the existing sales rankings of the market... 

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Unlocking Your New Phone Becomes Illegal tomorrow - But the Bryck is Coming...

Thinking about purchasing a new smartphone on the cheap, with the intention of unlocking it? Think again. It's almost too late to do that, and tomorrow you could be a felon for doing so under the DCMA.

Every piece of legislation has the potential for either inflicting abuse, or being abused. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is no exception, and a ruling by the Librarian of Congress, who is responsible for interpreting the intent and determining exemptions to this anti-cracking legislation, makes unlocking your newly purchased phone illegal - starting tomorrow...

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Recover and reset MySQL and MariaDB root password

We're always getting asked this stuff, So here it is as a tutorial in concise, cookbook format:

If you're not running Slackware, then the command to start and stop the mysql daemon might be something like /etc/init.d/mysql start|strop|restart, FYI - YMMV.

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Windows 8 - Lolwut?

After several years in the IT industry I went back to college full time. One of my roomies at the university had a nice, shiney Mac SE+. Maybe it was a Mac SE 30. I really can't remember that part. What I can remember is that I had a hard time figuring how to do the simplest things, like making copies of disks. Other than that, and the teeny black and white monitor, the Mac seemed easy enough to master in a few minutes without a manual for most things. Read more »

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