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Acceptable Use Policy

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This document is our Acceptable Use Policy. It lays out what can and can't be done using your web hosting account, virtual server, reseller account, and other network and physical infrastructure owned and controlled by NorthTech Computer. In the case of a reseller account, the following rules will apply to your clients as well.

Acceptable Use

1.) Unlimited Bandwidth:
On some packages, and with some promotions, NorthTech may offer Unlimited or Unmetered bandwidth. On these accounts, a bandwidth cap will not be placed on your server or account. This is "Fair Share" bandwidth, and is subject to some restrictions. On a Shared or Reseller account, if bandwidth usage is found to exceed 3 times your storage allocation, an investigation will be performed to find the cause of the excessive bandwidth. If bandwidth is caused by high amounts of traffic, our sales team will work with you to figure out a solution that is beneficial for all involved. Each of these cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

On a Virtual Server, if the 95th percentile is found to exceed 5MBPs for a one month period, an investigation will be performed to find the cause of the excessive bandwidth. Options for higher allocations will be created and presented to the client on a case-by-case basis.

2.) Use Of Storage:
On a Shared or Reseller account, the account's storage is intended to be used for files related to the website only. The storage is not intended to be used to store unrelated content, such as music, photos, computer backups, or other files that are not intended to be served by the website in some capacity. This provision will not extend to cover Virtual, Dedicated, or Co-located Servers.

3.) Pornography:
Pornography will be permitted on our network, so long as it complies with United States law. All pornography must comply with 18 U.S. Code 2257, must depict consenting adults, and must not depict any animals. Any violation of these provisions will be forwarded to the applicable law enforcement agencies.

4.) Ownership of Content:
By uploading files to your shared account, reseller account, or virtual server, you agree that you have ownership (or permission of the owner) to distribute the content. DMCA takedown requests will be taken very seriously and handled appropriately.

6.) Abuse:
Abuse of our systems, or abuse of systems belonging to another company, originating from our systems, will not be tolerated. This includes DoS attacks, DDoS attacks, brute-forcing, phishing scams, SPAM, and any other illegal activity. Abuse reports will be handled quickly and appropriately.


In short, and simply put, if we deem, in our sole discretion, that you have been engaged in abusive or illegal behavior while using our physical or virtual machinery, network infrastructure; or your activities are found by us to adversely impact or degrade NorthTech's infrastructure, our customers, or other networks, we may, at our option, choose to suspend, cancel, or terminate your accounts and services with us - with or without prior notice.