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Mageia 1 Alpha 1 released today

Mageia Linux has tossed its hat into the ring of Linux distributions with the release of it first alpha. A second alpha release in the middle of March is expected to yield a liveCD, with a revised target date of 01 June for the first stable release... Read more »

Is Slackware a Binary or Source-Based Linux Distribution?

This question (and we get asked this an awful lot), or the exclamation that it is (or isn't), is often bantered about in blogs, forums, and mailing lists.

It seems that there are different perceptions of just exactly what a source-based distribution is, and what constitutes a binary Linux distribution.

Before we begin, I think a couple of qualifiers to lay down some groundwork are in order. Read more »

It's Official! Google's VP8 Goes Open Source!

Yes, it's official, but not quite actually "officially" official until Google announces it during their annual I/O developers conference over the next two days... Read more »

The Bleeding Edge: A New Frontier - Clangalang Clang Clang BSD!

Just announced: Clang is self hosting! it can compile the FreeBSD World, and to quote a David Bowie song of yonder years, it is, "...stepping through the door", of new possibilities.

Possibilities that not only endear it to the community of early adopters and voracious testers, but also the doorstep of becoming it's own 'Flavor' of UNIX - ClangBSD... Read more »

Iced, But Not Axed. Adobe Shuts Down InContext Editing services...

Today Adobe Corporation announced to its developers that In Context Editing is being shut down.

The entire ICE product offering will cease to exist in 2011 as a stand alone service.

In the meantime, developers and administrators of existing sites, although not actually being shown the door, have certainly handed their hats. Read more »

Migrations almost complete

Development of NorthTech's new site platform continues, in preparation for the replacement of our earlier systems based for almost a decade on PostNuke and MD-Pro... Read more »

Things are getting ugly - AIX is yanked!

SCO announced that they are yanking the UNIX license (revoking it) for IBMs AIX - is this bad news? or has SCO just found the chamber with the round in it while playing russian roullete?....

SCO is now claiming that they are entitled to a percentage of IBM's total revenue resulting from the sale of UNIX to IBM customers. According to SCO, not o­nly is IBM no longer allowed to sell AIX with any of it's hardware, but some portion of any UNIX sales belong to SCO. Read more »

Our Hero (Again) - Big Blue

When all the dust settles, this o­ne won't be any different than it was when USL sued Berkely over the old Bell Labs code base back in the early nineties... Read more »

Gate's open - Windows Server 2003 has launched

Following three delays of it's release, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer released the much anticipated Windows Server 2003 today. The four versions initially available are DataCenter, Enterprise, Standard, and Web Editions, with two types of Client Access License (CAL)schematas available - either user based or device based. The Small Business Edition will be released at a later date....

Read more »

Slackware 9.0 - Burning down the server room!

Slackware 9.0, not quite a month in distribution, has taken the Server community by storm. This release promises to be (again) the finest yet, blowing away Redhat installations which still can't seem to shake the bugs... Read more »