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Privacy Issues, Concerns, and just what is Personification?

Have you ever wondered whether, or how well, those browser plugins you installed are protecting your privacy?

In this article we will examine some of the assumptions that people make when going online, just how much personal information you're actually giving away when you surf, and available options for limiting the amount of data you deliver to the "Social Concsiousness" on the World Wide Web.

People often ask, "So what is the product that Facebook delivers, as a for profit enterprise?

Why, it is you, young Grasshoppa - You are the actual product that is being delivered... Read more »

How to replace MySQL with MariaDB - easy and in less than five minutes!

Here's a quick, easy, and seamless procedure to replace MySQL with MariaDB on a freshly installed system.

Are you ready to finally leave MySQL behind and move on to its next generation replacement, MariaDB?

This tutorial assumes that you haven't initialized any databases in MySQL and therefore have nothing to backup or migrate.

What is MariaDB? Read more »

Easy LVM - Installing Linux Entirely on LVM Partitions

In this article we examine just how simple and quick it can be to install Linux entirely within logical volumes using LVM.

This includes swap and boot partitions, the latter of which will be required since everything else, including your root and home partitions we will be formatted with the high performance XFS filesystem.

The entire process shouldn't take more than 5 minutes using this cookbook, dedicating about two minutes of that time prior to the OS install and about three minutes of post install configuration prior to rebooting a live Linux system... Read more »

Of Course! NetBSD 5.1.2 Released Today

NetBSD 5.1.2 was released today.

Supporting an overwhelmingly impressive plethora of architectures, NetBSD continues its legacy in remaining the UNIX Operating system that is supported on more hardware platforms than any other Operating system - bar none... Read more »

Throwing Away Your Password to Enable Secure Logins on Remote Hosts.

We thought we would clarify the process by which someone creates a SSH key pair in order to securely connect to one or more remote hosts.

This method alleviates and obviates the need for you to login using your password in combination with your username on a remote host, but more importantly, it secures that connection because afterward, you should disable the ability to login with a password for the given account... Read more »

DTN - RFCs at Last! Our work in Delay Tolerant Networking Bears Fruit After Many Years of Hard Work!

About an hour ago, Several RFCs hit the repos of the IETF related to many years of hard work as a result of our efforts as a key participant of the Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group of the IRTF.

NorthTech.US has been operating nodes of the DTNbone for many years on our globally distributed NOMAD Internetwork. We've been a member of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), which is the part of the ISOC which focuses on very long term research projects, and this one has finally come through for us.

We would like to take a few minutes now, to tell you a little about the work of our group, what it is, what it means, and a bit of history about Northtech's particular participation as a pioneer in Internet history... Read more »

Skype is Dead! Long Live Skype!

Today we received an email notification form Digium. All Digium partners received the same email heralding the death of one of the few proprietary systems that has been conveniently overlooked by the FOSS community for about a decade.

Skype. The ubiquitous niche carving communication system combining at least as good as old Ma Bell's POTS based voice telephony with chat, video and conferencing all three of those methods into one single, and [albeit proprietary] free application... Read more »

Melee of Madness and Mayhem Ensues in the Aftermath of Slackware 13.37 Release

Overcoming inertia is paramount before the movement of a given object can occur. An object at rest would rather stay at rest, while an object in motion exhibits a tendency to remain that way.

Self confessed deadhead Patrick Volkerding's Slackware Linux distribution is no exception to that rule, and mere moments following the release of his latest stable release of the oldest extant Linux distribution on the planet, ISPs were complaining, gearheads were leeching, and Slackware zealots the world over were intimately re-acquainted with the term, "melt down" - popularized in the movie "China Syndrome", so many years ago.

Slackware Linux was one of the first popular free software projects to champion and encourage the use of BitTorrent technology as a method of sharing and distributing itself, yet we haven't seen anything like this since Tommy Lee and Pamela's missing video tape was found - on the net... Read more »

Adding Convenient Layers of Persistent Abstraction to Simplify Remote Administration

So you've been searching for a tool that you can group and pile a bunch of your live work into, providing continuous access when you want it, and available from anywhere you need it, when you need it.

Something that can manage several remote sessions at once, and something you don't really ever have to close down. Something that works with or without a mouse. Something that works equally well in a simple console, or under X and your favorite window manager. i.e., KDE, XFCE, Fluxbox, etc.

Enter twin. A seasoned and stable software offering that can greatly impact your productivity and organize the multitudes of local and remote sessions you typically manage. With twin, you don't have to continuously launch several Xterm windows, or open a bunch of tabs you can't see all at once in an Xterm window, or keep switching around from one virtual console to another - you can keep everything all nice and neat in one, single toybox, and you can access it from anywhere, at anytime... Read more »

Slackware 13.37 RC1 has been released

A couple of months back, I was participating in a discussion where the Slackware banter was especially light, and Slackware maintainer Patrick Volkerding chimed in.

Rather candidly, and seemingly more tongue in cheek than anything else, Patrick dropped onto the table the possibility for a cult-like version number scheme with regards to the next version of Slackware to be released... Read more »